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Margarita van den Berg, architect and visual artist, produces oil and acrylic paintings, mainly abstracts. Her creative process features contemporary artworks made of bright colors and touches of metallic paint with unique details along the surfaces. The result are dramatic and vibrant compositions without predetermination or planned subject and, a distinctive and very recognizable style which evolves constantly, giving the viewer a sense of dynamism and certain degree of freedom, not knowing the exact outcome, making each artwork unique, experimental and difficult to replicate. Her original paintings are privately owned in The Netherlands, Panama City, Panama; El Salvador; Miami, Florida and Charlotte, North Carolina.

She obtained her Architecture Bachelors Degree in the University of Panama, a Master Degree in Urbanism and Architectural Projects in the European University Miguel de Cervantes, Madrid, Spain. She has followed painting courses at Ganexa Art University in Panama, Building and Sustainability, UNAUS, Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona; Sustainability, TU Delft and Rethink the City. Her Panamanian work experience is based on general architecture, dwellings, offices and store planning. In The Netherlands she did voluntary work at the museum Van Abbe in Eindhoven, one summer. Since then she has develop a steady art practice in her home studio. 


“Final selection of the call for emerging artists section “Fijaciones”, after receiving 101 applications the jury has selected the next 20 artists: Margarita Mena Achurra – van den Berg.”

“The MAC 2022 AUCTION wants to celebrate the 60 years of existence of the institution by emphasizing the importance of its legacy for the cultural context of the country.

This year the auction wants to connect the original spirit of the museum, its history with the present, the future of it in Panama and the region. In this context, a call for the selection of works of emerging artists was made for the “Fixations” section, which will present works for the direct sale of artists along with more consolidated ones, opening the possibilities for the public to acquire works at more affordable prices.

We are very grateful to the 81 artists not selected for their time and for having applied this year. The Museum of Contemporary Art of Panama will continue with its commitment to offer opportunities for the community of artists.”


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